All types of braces

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  • Traditional Brackets
    • We have chosen a bracket that has a low profile design, which helps to reduce occlusal interference.  Inner and outer tie wing edges are smooth for patient comfort. The efficient design also reduces overall bracket size, maximizing performance, aesthetics, and comfort, while reducing occlusal work
  • Esthetic/White Brackets
  • Invisible – Patients concerned about their appearance in metal brackets can now take comfort that they have a choice to choose a clear alternative bracket that are virtually invisible, giving them confidence in work and social situations
  • Smooth Comfort – We have chosen a clear bracket (brace) that is smooth to the touch making them safe and comfortable for the patient.
  • No Staining – Not only do the brackets look great, they stay that way. The clear bracket’s monocrystalline structure and highly polished surface serve as barriers to undesirable staining elements.

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  • Self-ligating
  • Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating braces have a built-in mechanism to hold the wire in place. Since elastic ties are not used, you cannot choose different colors with these brackets.  It was once thought that self-ligating brackets resulted in less discomfort and shorter treatment times (less time in braces).  Unfortunately, recent findings have shown this to NOT be true.  While self-ligating brackets are still used by many orthodontists for a variety of reasons, research has shown them to work no better or worse than traditional braces.If you are interested in self-ligating brackets and feel they are right for you, we do have them available