Why straighten teeth?

by on April 15, 2015
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At Larson Orthodontics, our practice’s top priority is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly and comfortable environment. It’s our goal to help people look and feel better about themselves. We are committed to keeping our patients not only motivated, but also educated about the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Straight teeth help an individual to effectively bite, chew and speak. Straight teeth contribute to healthy teeth and gums. Properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems. Teeth that work better also tend to look better. An attractive smile is a pleasant “side effect” of orthodontic treatment.

An attractive smile is a wonderful asset. It contributes to self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image—important qualities at every age. A pleasing appearance is a vital component of self-confidence. A person’s self-esteem often improves as orthodontic treatment brings teeth, lips and face into proportion. In this way, orthodontic treatment can benefit social and career success, as well as improve a person’s general attitude toward life.

There are psychological aspects that are also important. It has been clinically proven that a beautiful smile leads to higher self-esteem. Confidence generates success. People with beautiful smiles have a lot to be happy about.

Orthodontics is devoted to building beautiful smiles by bringing teeth, lips, and jaws into proper alignment. Straight teeth function better, are easier to clean, and are more likely to last your lifetime.

Your orthodontist can improve most tooth and jaw alignment problems at any age. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist no later than age seven.

To have a successful orthodontic outcome, you must work together with your orthodontist.  Orthodontic correction can only occur if the patient plays an active role in treatment.  Your orthodontic responsibilities include following the instructions given by Dr. Larson and staff, maintaining proper oral hygiene and proper care of your orthodontic appliances while also keeping regular appointments with your general dentist.  Besides braces, orthodontists use many other devices, often referred to as appliances, to treat their patients. Appliances can either be fixed (cemented) or removable (can come in and out).